BOAC Bowling Party

It was a ’70s Rewind at the 14th Annual BOAC Bowling Night!

Friday, January 26th


Congratulations to the Best Dressed at the Event! 


Best Dressed Individuals: Stefanie Horner, ATS, dressed as a Lava Lamp, and Eric Tucker, Senior Chief Engineer at Cushman & Wakefield, who went Way back in the 70’s rewind, to 1776!

The Best Dressed Team was once again, DCPS and Palace as the Roller Derby Girls!

And a Huge Shout-Out to our Master of Ceremonies, Mike Walker, at Cushman & Wakefield!

Everyone looked amazing! We can’t wait to do it all again in 2025!

This event benefits the fantastic programs at Courageous Faces Foundation.



JOIN BOAC at the 15th Annual BOAC Bowling Tournament

 Arapahoe Bowling Center in Greenwood Village, Friday, Jan 31st, from 6-10 PM.

From Courageous Faces:

Your fun-loving participation in Bowl for Dollars will help Courageous Faces continue to improve the quality of life for people with rare medical conditions and bring joy to several of our “Champions” who came and joined in the celebration.

THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE BOAC TEAM for your generous support!

Check out the fun from 2023


The Holy Mother.

Kellie Cobb, Vendor Member ALM Abatements, and BOAC Executive Secretary.



Denver Commercial Property Services (DCPS), Palace & ALM’s BOAC Orphanage of Horrors! Property of  BOAC for sure, these lanes came together with the force that was reckoned with!

Great job to all the fun orphans and bowlers at this fun annual event!


We can’t wait to host this fun bowling night again on the last Friday in January 2024. 

Proceeds benefit Courageous Faces. On this night, we did something amazing for our friends at Courageous Faces. Take a look!

Click on the Vimeo Link for a message from Courageous Faces!


Years in the past…


THE 12th ANNUAL BOWLING PARTY WAS A HIT! On Friday, January 28th BOAC showed up at Bowlero in Lakewood as a FAMOUS DEAD PEOPLE and Killed It!

We ate, drank, bowled a bit, and played a lot! Between Bowl-Off’s, BOAC-Bingo-Bowling, and Trivia there was Plenty of Cash to Take Home!

The best gift of the night was having Courageous Faces a part of the fun and seeing their Champions bowl beside us, some for the first time.

On Behalf of the Bowling Committee, the State and Denver Board of Directors, Thank You for being there!

Words can’t express the joy created for the Champions on a night they will never forget. On Behalf of Courageous Faces,  Thank you, BOAC!


Thank you to everyone who supported this fun event and participated! We made a huge difference and was able to provide Courageous Faces with a $5,000 donation at the March meeting!


2022 Contest Winners

Best Famously Dead Person —- Kellie Cobb, as Lucy Ricardo!









Best Supporting Famous (Dead) Crew, Wayne Self as (Ricky) Desi Arnaz, and Kim Lewis as (Ethel) Vivian Vance!

Where would Lucy be without these two???  

Best Famously Dead Team

The Crew from the Titanic! Sondra Lankston, Denver Commercial Property Services,  and Alicia Clark at Tolin Mechanical, you get all the props!

And a Huge Thank You to the Captain of the Titanic, and Emcee of the Night for the Last 12 Years, the Famously Alive, Mike Walker of Cush/Wake. The ship’s always more fun with you steering the way!

BOAC appreciates the support of our bowling event sponsors!!

Seriously, we can’t do this event without you!

Hope to see everyone back for the lucky 13th Annual in 2023!

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– In case you didn’t know, this event is a tradition of fun and $$ –

Thank You for bowing at the 11th ANNUAL MASKERADE ON THE LANES! 

We didn’t pack the place like we did last year, but those who were there will tell you how much fun was had and how much CASH they walked away with! Lots of contests and some extremely creative guests show up Friday, April 30th! BOAC’s Best Masked Individual came straight out of a movie! Congratulations Nick Jennings, at TRS for being so suave in your maskerade ways! 










Our best-masked team and theme went to Palace & ALM Abatement! They brought bikini-bowling to a whole new level of fun without the sun!

At the May education meeting, we invited our event beneficiary, Courageous Faces to join us. Their mission is one that is often overlooked, but not by BOAC!

Not only did we surprise them with a Five Thousand Dollar donation from the bowling event, but there was an additional donation at the meeting from one of our leading engineer members! We made a BIG difference to the lives of the champions they serve.



————————- And the year before that ——————-

Relive the fun times of January 2020, scroll on down. Without a doubt, when BOAC members and guests get together, great things happen.

Our 10th BOAC Bowling for the Decades was pure MONEY!!

Everyone turned out on Friday, January 24th to celebrate!!

The Guests Dressed to the Decades and definitely did it right! The trivia and bowl-off’s were again a hit amongst the bowlers, but the BOAC bingo-bowling was by far the most anticipated! We had 6 winners who had to trust or question their winning pot. It was the ultimate challenge that paid off!

Congratulations to the Best Themed Bowlers!!

Best Dressed! We had 3 who stepped it up and took home the gold! Congratulations Stefanie Horner of ATS, Mike Larkin of Larkin and Assoc. and Best Runner Up Amy Watters of Larkin and Assoc.!

The Best Themed Decade Lane took us back to the 80’s with the look and all the accessories to go with it! Congratulations Jennifer Esgro of Palace Construction!!

Proceeds from this event will benefit The River Deep Foundation. Dedicated to helping military veterans and other individuals who have experienced physical, emotional or psychological trauma—and those who assist them—to heal and re-engage in life through adventure, recreation and a network of support.

If you took pictures that night please send them to us to add to the gallery! Email to: [email protected]

 We Couldn’t Make This Event Happen Without our Amazing Sponsors! 

Thank you to everyone who came out to the 10th Annual Bowling Event!!!

We can’t wait to do it again!

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