2019 Fish & Camp Weekend

The proceeds from the 2nd annual event were impressive!

Thanks to everyone who was there and provided a hand in making it happen!

BOAC sent $2,500 to Project Healing Waters to continue all their great services to Veterans!

To everyone who made the trip to Twin Lakes, and our amazing sponsors’ support, THANK YOU!

The colors were amazing, and the folks there made it a fun event no one will forget!

The Best Catch of the Day went to John Boyd, who graciously declined the trophy to the next in line, Kyra Frizzell. She caught her 1st fish, ever, and took home the souvenir to keep safe on the mantle.

Daisy Deherrera told the Biggest Tall “Tail” we have ever heard about the one that got away to take home the other trophy to treasure. The fishing was good, the weather was amazing, and the Screaming Mimi ride up and back from the beaver ponds was truly a hilarious heart-stopper!

We are already looking forward to the 3rd Annual Camp and Fishing Trip!


Title Tacklebox Sponsor – Thank you FAS!

Attendees will receive an event backpack thanks to our Title Sponsor! FAS takes the lead on the souvenir gift for all the registered guests!

BEER Sponsor –  Cheers, SMS!

Tall tales and cold beer is what camping is all about! Cheers to being in good company!! This sponsorship provides the cold ones for the adults attending the event.


Trophy / Signs Sponsor – Thank you AGS!

Tall tales come true with a Trophy! AGS is LISTED with the BEST! Trophies for the fishing tournament, and event signage all along the way and there, and the photographs to prove we did it, thanks to AGS!


Chuckwagon Lunch & Camp Sponsors – Thank You CBRE, DCPS, HOT SHOT!

Sponsor the Chuckwagon Food Contest! $200 + the cost of food for Saturday’s lunch. Pop up the canopy and tabletop and sign up to bring a specified lunch item for the Chuckwagon Food Contest!

Guests will visit each food canopy safely for a different item served up for lunch. Bring your best side salad, campsite side dish, drinks or dessert BOAC will bring the beef!

S’mores Sponsor – Thank you Chiller Systems Services! 

Be the sweetest company around the campfire! BOAC will bring up the goods with a company Thank You sign and you’ll get all the mmm-mmmm credit!


CBRE Firewood Sponsor (Priceless)

Thank You to our Fly Guys at CBRE for the warmth and support on the chilly September nights!


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