BOAC’s Going Fishing!

The Inaugural BOAC Fishing Trip was full of fun and fundraising for Veterans at Project Healing Waters!

Our First Fishing Trip Created Great Success!

Thank You for Joining Us for the Inaugural Fishing Trip to Jefferson Lake!

BOAC Members and Guests had the Best Time July 20 and Made a Huge Splash for Veterans at Project Healing Waters!!

Registration opened at 9 AM in the Lodgepole Loop, but the party started before we even set up! The campsite sponsors had a great time kicking back and enjoying the mountain air Friday, and Saturday night!

We had 45 guests and 16 vehicles signed in at registration, with fresh coffee and the finest Scotch in a bottle being offered before heading out to fish or hike.

Saturday’s weather was perfect, with a just minor rain delay at lunch, then the sun came out to award the bragging rights, and appreciate everyone who made this event happen!

On this Inaugural Year, the Ladies Won!!

Elisa Tilton, Most Fish Caught!! 

Tammy Johnson, Best Catch of the Day!!

Elaine Huskey Won the Grand Prize! Valued at $375 !!

Not only did we have a lot of fun, but we also raised $2,230 for Veterans at Project Healing Waters.


Bummed you missed it? We’ll make sure you plan for next year! Because we’re ready to do it again!


A Huge Thanks to BOAC’S CBRE Engineers Steve Sandoval, John Boyd, and Colorado Wildlife Mike!

Without these guys, we would never have ventured out to make this happen!

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