Meet Jax the Service Dog

January, 16th, 2019 at 12:01 pm

Thank you to all of our golfers and sponsors at the 22nd Annual Golf Tournament.

As a result of our efforts, BOAC is proud to announce the sponsorship of Jax, the service dog.

Meet Jax, the puppy who is being trained to be an amazing service dog for Justin, a soldier who lost his leg in Afghanistan.

A house is being built in Colorado Springs for Justin and Jax, and if all goes to plan between training and construction, these two will start a last friendship of service and companionship in December 2018.


Pat Gorham was present during the official donation on 9/21/18. Jax has many friends that are now family and everyone involved feels the overwhelming sense of the impact of this amazing pup.

Jax has been adopted by Destiny Lee. Destiny is the spouse of a deployed soldier and has disabilities that can be greatly assisted by a trained service dog.  Destiny and her husband have been struggling to find a service dog organization that can have a client-based training program for her with her dog.

They spent thousands of dollars at certain organizations, to only be refunded back for no support.  Her husband found us and asked for help.  Under the circumstances and the need of a special kind of dog (pure breed golden retriever) for her disability (ie being able to detect her blood sugar levels) we felt Jax would be a great fit.  She knew she was not a veteran and that he was sponsored to be with a veteran, so she will be sponsoring Gracie, another foster puppy in training since the cost of training for Jax is covered. 

Destiny and Jax have bonded quite well, and she is now in puppy classes with Jax to go over the puppy training again since he’s with another person now.  After a month, she will be heading to basic training classes.  Our trainer for her is Ciera Wilson, she has been an amazing trainer for us.

Stay tuned on how Jax is doing with his training! We’ll keep updating this post as we get more information.

Jax is looking to be a great service dog for Destiny and her kids.

Thank you for supporting us by sponsoring a great dog and a great family.


Updated 1/16/18

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