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Centum Health Properties Inc., (“CHP”) an equal opportunity employer, specializing in full service healthcare real estate is looking for a Building Engineer to join our team.

CHP is a progressive company with a flexible infrastructure and work environment.

Our culture promotes being accountable to meet the needs of our projects and expectations
of our investors. Each team member is responsible to manage both their professional and
personal commitments in order to create a full and rich life. CHP has opportunities for advancement
as the company grows.

The right candidate must, an understanding of building systems and operations, general
maintenance skills, have strong people skills, basic computer knowledge, an entrepreneurial
spirit, team attitude, attention to detail and a strong work ethic.

The Building Engineer shall serve as the primary point person to oversee, maintain, operate,
and facilitate repairs and maintenance on all building systems within the Colorado
Building Portfolio to ensure optimal operation and efficiency of each property and to safeguard
a positive tenant experience.
This role will have a solid understanding of each of the buildings unique systems and
know how to properly maintain and repair them; how to increase building efficiency and
decrease operational expenses by directly coordinating and assisting vendors and subcontractors
support. Required to develop, implement and maintain a standard building
preventative maintenance program for each building.

Tenant Relations, Vendor Relations, Preventative Maintenance, Building Operations/
Construction Support, Administrative.

• Ability to work well with people from all professions.
• Ability to self-motivate.
• Key skills, expertise and knowledge with general plumbing, drywall patching, painting
skills, minor electrical, HVAC and control systems, shutdown & restart building systems
(water, electrical, fire pumps, RTU’s etc.), elevator systems, and fire system.
• Ability to perform under pressure.
• Computer literacy.
• High School Diploma
• Universal certification for HVAC refrigerants

• A competitive compensation structure commensurate with experience will be offered to
the right candidate.
• Company pays 100% of the employee HSA health insurance plan plus $575 for family
coverage (if applicable).
• Company contributes the maximum allowable contribution for an individual to your HSA
saving account.
• 401k plan with guaranteed 3% contribution by the company, vested immediately.

SUBMIT resume and a cover letter to [email protected]

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