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Newmark Group, Inc., together with its subsidiaries (“Newmark”), is a world leader in commercial real estate services, with a comprehensive suite of investor/owner and occupier services and products. Our integrated platform seamlessly powers every phase of owning or occupying a property. Our services are tailored to every type of client, from owners to occupiers, investors to founders, growing startups to leading companies. Harnessing the power of data, technology, and industry expertise, we bring ingenuity to every exchange, and imagination to every space.


Provides administrative and technical direction for the operation and maintenance of the building. Manages the building engineering staff in conjunction with the Property Manager. Responsible for implementing and tracking company policies and procedures to maintain the asset at the highest level.  May be responsible for more than one site.


  • Audit Operations – Ensure operating personnel are capable of handling tasks (qualified people are in place), people are productive and in compliance with OSHA and EPA.  Ensure that training is being provided to less qualified staff members.  Ensure that proper bid procedures are being followed.  Ensure that best prices for commodities are being obtained.  Ensure that service contractors are performing work properly.
  • Project Management – Ensure project is well defined and understood, develop an effective project plan which results in project results that meet cost, schedule, quality, functionality objectives (short and long term) and compliance with business controls.
  • Capital Planning – Prepare annual capital plan for building systems, structure, parking, grounds, etc. at site(s) responsible.  Plan to include item descriptions, estimated costs, and priority of items, project dependencies, proposed schedules, priority and risk/ramifications if work is not performed.  Provide capital planning support to peers in District as requested.
  • Utility Management – Keep current on state of energy technology related to building systems.  Provide recommendations to management and include short payback projects in capital plan.  Keep current on regulations (and deregulation) related to utilities.  Ensure site(s) responsible is getting lowest unit cost-utility.  Develop programs for demand control.
  • Suppliers – Develop product specifications and supplier sources for materials required to perform job.  Material/equipment selections should be based on the lowest life cycle cost and in accordance with the existing building grade.
  • Tools/Equipment Inventory – Perform an annual inventory of tools and equipment and provide for same to Building Manager noting and changes and explanation as well as identifying new/additional required with supporting justification.
  • Monthly Reports – Provide a monthly narrative of activities highlighting non-routine events such as major projects, training received, savings achieved, significant customer service items, and issues/concerns.  Reports to be submitted on time without reminders.
  • Customer Service – Respond to tenant complaints in a timely fashion.
  • Staffing – Participate in the staffing process and provide recommendations regarding staffing of open operations positions.  The expectation is that the Building Manager will review recommended candidate(s) after performed initial screening.
  • After Hours Coverage – Ensure an afterhours program to provide adequate technical coverage.  Participation between staff should be equitable.
  • Staff Training – Ensure a development plan exists for each operations person.  Develop cross-training program between staff.
  • Peer Inspections – Coordinate peer inspection data for site(s) responsible for ensuring readiness for the yearly property inspection.  Will be expected to participate in other peer inspections at other sites.
  • May perform other job duties as assigned

Other Job Functions:

  • Boilers/Supporting Equipment – Operate to approved spec.
  • Chillers / Supporting Equipment – Operate to approved spec.
  • HVAC Fans – Operate to approved spec.
  • UPS System – Monitor to approved spec.
  • Electrical High Voltage Systems and Emergency Power – Monitor to approved spec.
  • Electrical Secondary (non-critical) – Monitor to approved spec.
  • Training – Train all inexperienced mechanical technicians to run all mechanical and electrical systems in support of building operations.
  • Shift Scheduling – Provide scheduled coverage on all shifts that give coverage yet strive to reduce overtime.
  • Supervise/coordinate tenant fit-up work and building construction projects.


  • Responsible for all necessary maintenance and operational programs.
  • Boilers/Chillers/HVAC Systems – 99% reliability. Provide direction on repairs as needed.
  • Electrical Secondary (non-critical) – 98% reliability.  Provide quality repairs, call certified electrician as needed.
  • Plumbing systems. Provide direction on repairs as needed.
  • General Building Maintenance.
  • Ensure that all conditions conform to OSHA and all other safety and health guidelines.
  • Ensure complete compliance with all applicable municipal, state and federal codes and regulations.

Preventative Maintenance (PM):

  • Critical Equipment – All PM done on schedule, no breakdown due to improper PM.  100% availability of equipment.  Develop new PM’s or change as necessary.  No equipment left undone.
  • Non-critical Equipment – All PM done to approved schedule.  95% availability.  Develop new PM’s in the system and complete on time.


  • Promptly report all incidents, accidents, and/or injuries and provide thorough evaluation regarding cause and effect.  Implement corrective actions as necessary to prevent further occurrences.
  • Implement all OSHA requirements.
  • Recommendations and policy implementation for engineering personnel.
  • Maintenance of current position descriptions for all engineers at site.
  • Recommendations and implementation of training programs and activities for subordinates and trainees and access the progress of the individuals involved.
  • Complete performance appraisals for all direct reports.
  • Responsible for monitoring performance of Engineers under his/her supervision.


  • Log Book Entries – Review operational information documented in shift log book prior to end of shift.
  • Work Orders and PM Work – Review any difficulties in getting work completed as assigned and make adjustments.  Document problems encountered as needed.

Business Controls:

  • Develop business controls for operations and maintenance areas.
  • Prepare an annual operating budget for Property/Portfolio Manager.
  • Approval of engineer personnel timesheets – approve overtime.


Expense Management:

  • With regard to suppliers, responsible for:
  1. Coordination of bidding and pricing
  2. Recommendation of vendors
  3. Issuance of purchase orders or receipt of contract
  4. Confirmation of receipt of goods or services
  5. Maintenance of quality and cost controls
  • With regard to outside mechanical contractors
  1. Evaluation of performance
  2. Evaluation of contract cost(s)
  3. Provisions for competitive bidding
  4. Recommendations for selection – may even select on own
  • Responsible for the collection, analysis, and reporting of such statistical data as may be required to provide accurate and current assessments of property management objectives.

Tenant Relations:

  • Responsible for a positive and prompt response to requests from building tenants and for the implementation or ongoing programs to constantly assess tenant needs and to assure problems are being solved promptly and to the mutual benefit of the tenant and the properties.

Employee Relations:

  • Teamwork – Perpetuate teamwork in your area.

New Business:

  • Participate in acquiring new business, operations/maintenance reviews, and advise.

Skills, Education, and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 8-10 years experience as Engineer in 250 KSF or greater Class A building.
  • Excellent communication skills, positive approach to the job, and ability to handle multiple tasks concurrently.
  • Proficient computer and e-mail skills.
  • Ability to handle multiple projects and make decisions.
  • Area-specific licenses required; CFC universal preferred.

WORKING CONDITIONSNormal working conditions with the absence of disagreeable elements

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