Vendor Directory

Air Filtration

Air Filter Solutions

Brian Niss 303-893-3030

Asphalt / Pavement

Asphalt Coatings

Clint Maptson 303-340-4755

Building Automation Sales/Service

Computrols, Inc.

Scott Holstein 504-756-0825

Siemens Industry

Phil Ackerson 303-362-3255

TRYG Group

Pat Gorham 303-746-7720

Unify Energy Solutions

Jim Dye 303-949-0780

Certification Classes

Building Operator Certification Colorado

Anna Siebenborn 720-408-4888

Commercial Property Services

Bradshaw Building Services

Denny Lyman 303-910-9480

Denver Commercial Property Services

Sondra Lankston 303-961-9149

Construction/General Contracting

AGS Construction

Carole Rosas 720-413-1810

ASR Companies

Scott Thompson 314-800-4258

EJCM Construction Mgmt

Pete Gillespie 303-573-5678


DH Pace

John Steele 303-783-3667

Electrical Distribution Manufacturing


Jordan Corray 720-656-3067

Weifield Group Contracting Inc.

Anthony Wilemon 303-428-2011

Electrical Testing

IME Electrical Testing

Brian Smith 720-582-6915

Elevator Inspection

AllSafe Elevator Inspections

Jared Broach 703-659-5209

Go Up Elevator Inspections

Dianne Anderson 303-683-9800


Applied Technical Services

Stefanie Horner 571-302-6692

Building Consultants & Engineers, Inc.

Christopher Dunbar 303-350-1000

CCS Engineering

Steve Larson 303-733-8997

Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers

Andrew T. Emmons 303-324-7342

MTech Mechanical

Molly Cape 303-586-8168

TRYG Group

Pat Gorham 303-746-7720

Walker Restoration Consultants

Brian Faith 303-694-6622

Fire & Water Restoration

ATI Restoration

Teresa Delatorre 303-532-8100

Interstate Restoration & Construction

Jeffery Poundstone 720-232-7382

Palace Construction

Jennifer Esgro 720-276-4130

Restoration Management Company

Melissa Hollister 800-400-5058

SERVPRO of Denver East

Alisha Thomas 303-733-9076

Fire Protection

Fire Alarm Services

Brian Botcher 303-466-8800


Larkin and Associates

Mike Larkin 303-202-0201


Colorado Chiller

Andy Li 720 536-5507

Colorado HVAC Services

Gerald Maes 303-282-0094

Ducts Unlimited Inc.

Robert Leishman 303-657-5592

Energy Services Of Colorado

Caleb Dillon 303-718-8438

Frontier Mechanical

Megan Knotek 720-939-0742

RK Mechanical

Cole Horton 832-244-9098

Rocky Mountain Portable Cooling

Elizabeth Stone 303-892-3000

Tolin Mechanical

Eric Kreiling 303-455-2825

Infrared Inspection

Hot Shot

Kim Lewis 303-232-0090

Lighting Products / Projects

Conserve-A-Watt Lighting, Inc.

Mark Baker 303-629-0066

Quality Electrical Distribution

Mike Kaintz 303-825-5011


Mathias Lock & Key

Brian Brehm 303-598-1447

Painting / Wallcovering

Preferred Painting

Rich Copenhaver 303-505-9622

TECC Painting

Tony Ellis 719-577-9300


Braconier Mechanical & Plumbing

Rick Trenk 720 401-2396


Chris Eddy 303-572-3478

Security Plumbing & Heating

Michael Landry 303-422-6675

Products / Supplies

AIS Industrial & Construction Supply

Sandra Kistler 720-252-4645

Georgia Pacific

Kimber Grobe 303-815-4233

Smalley and Company

Kevin McAlister 720-229-2017

Super – Tech Filter

Jack Smith 303-936-0500



Ed Hein 303-583-3937


Pete Holt 720 641-1697

Exterior Solutions Group

Tim Hicks 303-632-0304

Interstate Roof Systems Consultants, Inc

Tom Michiels (719) 345-6460

Progressive Roofing

Declan Galvin 303-506-3532

Tecta America

Darrell L Moomey 916-870-7816

Security Systems / Services


Chris Massey 303-482-7193

Water Treatment

TRS Inc.

Nick Williams 303-499-6722


Exterior Solutions Group

Tim Hicks 303-632-0304

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